Top 3 Popular Online Loans in the Philippines

When it comes to lending in Southeast Asia, Philippines is considered as one of the top contenders. Thanks to the continuous rise of social media, lending companies in Philippines managed to introduce different kinds of online loans. This gave way to a massive increase of borrowers and inherent demand for flexible loan agreements.

Also, the most popular online loans in the Philippines have raised the spending power of Filipinos, thus driving the country’s economy forward. If you’re looking for popular online loans in the Philippines, you can start with these following options:


Personal Loans – Flexible Solutions for All

In the lending arena, the personal loan is the most flexible option that you’ll encounter. Almost all online lenders are offering this type of loan, especially banks. Due to its variability, personal loans are typically marketed to employees, freelancers, and anyone who has an income source. One of the potential advantages of personal loan is ease of payment. Lenders usually divide the payment terms accordingly so that repayment won’t be too hard for borrowers. Not all banks in the Philippines offer the same amount ceiling for personal loans. Some banks may offer you a loan of up to P10,000, while others can just offer P5,000. If your credit rating is high, however, lenders will trust you more and you can borrow larger amounts.


Vacation Loans – Get that Dream Holiday

Have you planned a vacation but your wallet won’t let you proceed? This is the situation with many employees all over Philippines. With many interesting destinations all over the country, failing to go on a vacation can be frustrating. If you ran out of options, lenders will always catch you. Vacation loans are typically issued by banks and sanctioned lenders to employees. With a vacation loan (also known as holiday loan), you can finally unleash your inner wanderlust. Whether you want to blow off steam or explore that fantastic island getaway spot, a reliable vacation loan can help you out. To make it even more interesting, you should pick a vacation loan with tie-ins to different holiday experience providers.


Auto Loans – Time to Buy Your Dream Car

Many Filipinos are finding new opportunities to get their dream cars. Some of these opportunities are auto loans. Typically, banks are issuing auto loans with variable rates. Banks are even lowering their rates so that new borrowers can enter the arena. To get the best auto loan, make sure that you spend a bit of time researching about the most popular banks. This way, you can find a loan that will match your budgeting style.


Do you these online loans appeal to you? If you need quick cash today, visit a reliable bank or money lender sg and see what’s available!